Wednesday, September 11, 2013

City Monster

This time I thought I'd try out something I'd never done before.... Creating a monster design of my own... It took some experimentation, but in the end it was quite fun coming up with a mash up of designs I really liked. Originally, the idea wast to create a contrast, presenting a monster in a lighthearted manner, or a setting that would contradict the existence of the monster (eg, in a suburban neighborhood).
With this theme in mind, Moragot and I decided to try it out. My idea developed, however, with the monster's appearance being quite angry/frightening, I changed the setting to still include a pet, but in a darker and scarier setting... the dingy streets of a city.

If you'd like to see Mo's version (which is AWESOME), click here.

I've included the timelapse of the drawing process if you wanna take a peek :) Hope you enjoy!

Final Drawing.

And of course, the timelapse:

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