Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sentries and Soldiers

Mo and I decided to take kitbashing to a whole new level!
Buying model parts ranging from tanks and planes, to ships and podracers, we assembled them all to create our very own robots.

We were invited to feature our models on the Nuthin' but Mech website here:

Here are some examples of the process and final product!

The base of the mechs. To the left is Mo's sentry, to the right is my solder.
Final kitbashed models would be coated in one layer of silver paint, and then a layer of white base paint.

The paint and weathering process begins.
The final photo shoot.
My soldier in it's final form.
Mo's sentry in it's final form.

Man, this was so much fun. We've already kicked off some bigger mechs to add to the world, so watch this space!
If you want to see more of Mo's artwork, you can see his stuff here:

Thanks for watching! :)

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