Sunday, September 7, 2014

Halloween 2014 Teaser

Well it's almost that time of year again! Every year, Mo and I work together to write and create a personal haunted house experience for Halloween down in New Zealand. For each of these events, we release a teaser sneak peek, and then a final trailer which acts as an invitation to the guests to come join in on the scares!

Our teaser has now been released, take a look to check out the theme for this year! If you wanna check out last year's teaser and trailer, you can find them here.

Teaser: It's my party

Clowns                                -  Kimmie Sowter, Kelly Christophers (me), Moragot Bodharamik
Director/Cinematographer    -  Moragot Bodharamik
Writers                                 - Kelly Christophers, Moragot Bodharamik
Costume Design                   - Kelly Christophers, Moragot Bodharamik
Makeup                               - Elise Grace Brown
Set                                       - Matt Hopkins, Moragot Bodharamik

Halloween Haunt 2014 Teaser from Moragot Bodharamik on Vimeo.