Saturday, February 28, 2015

X-wing model kits

Here's a fun way to pass the time with some nerdy friends. 3 of us decided to buy 1/48th scale Fine Mold x-wing model kits and build them together every Tuesday night at our place. Where my friend, Derrick, and I chose to go more traditional design, Mo tried out a new x-wing paint design (which you might see cropped up in some of these photos).
But here are some progress photos of our little project. Ending off with a video which contains more detailed footage of the x-wing progress.

Progress photos. Top: Fully built kits (no paint). Bottom: an undercoat of silver for future weathering.

The first steps pretty much involved 2 sessions of building the model. and then we laid down a coat of primer, and then silver. The idea is that once you've painted the colours on, you can scratch away the top paint to reveal the silver underneath, giving the impression of metal.

First coat of paint and decals. xwing is still clean at this point.

We then proceeded to paint on the first coat of off-white. The model kit comes with some decals which we placed on. This gives you a clean version of the model. But we wanted to go one step further from this and weather it.

Finished Model.
This thing got scraped, hit with lasers and weathered by smoke and dust. I wanted it to look like it had seen adventure in space on many an occasion. This is the finished product.

Finished product out in the sun.

Lastly, if you're interested, we did a little video tracking the progress of these models in motion. Take a look if you'd like to see a little more detail :)

Making X-wing Fighter models from Moragot Bodharamik on Vimeo.

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