Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Inktober 2017

Well,  it was an attempt anyway. I was working massive Overtime during October and my ideas became so ambitious that I simply ran out of time to do a drawing every single day. Half way through I decided to start combining themes to catch up, which made for some fun and interesting experiments.

For my first Inktober, I chose to do a list that consisted of  mythical creatures, and I reverted back to  ink on paper. There were so many pros to switching back to traditional drawing for me. For a long time I had been in an artistic  block - never able to finish what I started. The idea of making an illustration 'perfect' also resulted in me never being satisfied enough to finish any art.  This whole exercise forced me to finish a drawing even if it was imperfect. The results were great. It kickstarted my art again, and I was able to progress.

Oct 1: Mermaid
Oct 2: Dryad
Oct 3: Banshee
Oct 4: Dragon
Oct 5: Witch
Oct 6: Centaur
Oct 7: Valkyrie
Oct 8-9: Madremonte; Kumiho
Oct 10-11: Unicorn; Harpie
Oct 12-13: Kelpie; Grim Reaper
Oct 14-15: Selkie; Fairy

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