Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Inktober 2018

Yep, it's been a year since I attempted art. Life has been busy with a lot of OT and little to no time for hobbies. But I thought this would be a good challenge to force myself to do a little every day. But like every year, my theme is far too ambitious and I only make it through half a month before life takes over again - note to self: inktober should be a little simpler.

Nevertheless, here is how far I managed to get with Mythical Monsters from around the world. A list made by Moragot. It was fun and interesting while it lasted, and it sparked more love for monster art from myself.

Oct 1: Gremlin

Oct 2: Preta

Oct 3: Tatzelwurn

Oct 4: Krampus

Oct 5: Kappa

Oct 6: Mummy

Oct 7: La Cegua

Oct 8: Mandrake

Oct 9: Chupacabra

Oct 10: Tokoloshe

Oct 11: Jorōgumo

Oct 12: Gargoyle

Oct 13: Gorgon 
Oct 14: Werewolf

Oct 15: bubák

Oct 16: Jersey Devil

Oct 17: Owlman

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