About me

Name: Kelly Christophers

I've had a great desire to create from a young age. Coming from a creative family, it's something that's been a natural part of life for me. At the age of twelve I was adamant on working in the film industry as a visual effects artist, and I've spent nearly all my life gearing up to move in that direction. I grew up in South Africa, and started off my studies at a film school called AFDA, in which I achieved my bachelors degree in Animation and film. Mostly based in traditional routes, I decided to expand my knowledge further, and transferred to the Witwatersrand University to complete my Honours and Masters degree in digital animation. This path gave me a good bucket of knowledge in regards to all fields of film-making and animation, for which I am grateful for. Since then I've been on the fast track to building up my career. I moved to New Zealand and started up working on the Hobbit set as a set and props painter, and since then have finally moved into the visual effects industry as an artist at Weta Digital. After 4 years, I moved to Canada and worked as a Lighting TD at Sony Imageworks, which is where I've been since. Life is busy, but I keep trying to do some personal art in my own time :)

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