About me

Name: Kelly Christophers
Email: kr.christophers@gmail.com

I've had a great desire to create from a young age. Coming from a creative family, it's something that's been a natural part of life for me. At the age of twelve I was adamant on working in the film industry as a visual effects artist, and I've spent nearly all my life gearing up to move in that direction. I grew up in South Africa, and started off my studies at a film school called AFDA, in which I achieved my bachelors degree in Animation and film. Mostly based in traditional routes, I decided to expand my knowledge further, and transferred to the Witwatersrand University to complete my Honours and Masters degree in digital animation. This path gave me a good bucket of knowledge in regards to all fields of film-making and animation, for which I am grateful for. Since then I've been on the fast track to building up my career. I moved to New Zealand and started up working on the Hobbit set as a set and props painter, and since then have finally moved into the visual effects industry as an artist at Weta Digital. Finally settling down after all the business of the last few years, I can now finally do some personal art :)

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