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My name is Kelly, and I work as a Lead Lighting TD in the visual effects industry for both live-action and animated films.

I decided at the age of 12 that I would make movies one day, and that passion never faded. My life has been surrounded with art and creativity, and inspired by the talented people and amazing projects I come across every day.

I have had an amazing and diverse journey getting here, having come from a more traditional background in illustration, model-building, production design, set painting, script writing and editing. I try to maintain as much of it as I can in my spare time.

Art is my life.


It's been a decade of film-making and I've had the privilege of working with amazing companies and talented people.


Every project is it's own challenge, and I've enjoyed growing with each one.


An ever-moving passion. An artist always has more to learn. I love experimenting and trying new things.


Building miniature models is fun. Inspired by practical effects legends.


Animated Showreel 2018

Live-Action Showreel 2018


Film Projects

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Art'd Me

Self Portraits in the style of various artists

Digital Art

Digital Illustrations done through Procreate


Creature Creations for Inktober and traditional studies

Bearded Dragon

Character Creation for Inktober